"The best part about Pulee sir and east and west academy is that it's not like a commercial class. Pulee sir is a benchmark of a perfect Guru. He don't just gives the best music lessons but he also focuses on making his student a perfect artist. The vibe that east and west academy holds is full of passion and warmth. You will love Pulee sir's generous and kind heart and with his unique way of teaching he will bring out the best in you. With no doubts you'll love this new version of yourself at the end of your lessons."
Monica Chawla (India)
"Our beloved Pulee Sir has his unique techniques for each & every lesson. No need to remember any certain formula/method, its like gaming for us while Sir explain us new methods."
Sumit Deshpande (India)
"Pulee sir is very exited towards Music. He loves to Teach Music and it is his passion. He is having Over 30+ years experience of teaching Music and has Musicated Thousands. Learning music through pulee sir's Methods is Fastest and easiest even for the student who has non musical baground. Learning music is all about developing the musical sense and Pulee sir is the best for it."
Vishal Morwal (Oman)
"What I love about the east and west music academy is the fact that there are people from all ages ranging from 3 to 60, maybe older. It's never too late to learn something one is passionate about! I'm glad that there is discipline and structure, which I believe is needed to give you that push. A good teacher makes you love any subject..and The east and west music academy is all about a good teacher."
Pritesh ChaudharY (India)
"So it has been almost 6 years learning and performing with Pulee sir and east and west music institute and there is this one thing he always used to say while teaching and that is you have to walk, and create the way by your walking; you will not find a ready-made path. It is not so cheap, to reach to the ultimate realization of truth. You will have to create the path by walking yourself; the path is not ready-made, lying there and waiting for you. Always an inspiration for students like me and many more."
Siddharth Jagesha (India)
"I've seen many music classes and music tutors in Nashik and I can surely say that East and West Music Institute and Narendra Pulee Sir are by far the best in the game. Great learning environment and enthusiastic initiatives makes music learning more fun. Highly recommended if anyone wants to learn music/any instruments seriously."
Sankalp Kulthe (India)
"The atmosphere created by the Pulee Sir is amazing, especially in Friday's workshop, where he teaches with unique techniques, joyful environment, you gain a lot of music knowledge. I especially love his tricks to remember some note, piece of music. He is very calm, cool and funny while teaching which helps us to learn more easily."
Gargie Kulkarni (India)
"Firstly I appreciate the pleasant atmosphere created by Mr. Pulee Sir and other students that encourages students to grow in the art, Secondly, the level of skills taught along with the professionalismin teaching, thirdly, the thing that I most appreciate is the way sir handle every student with great patience and help them enhance their talent... All in all.. Its the perfect place to learn music."
Pushkar Amodkar (India)
"I am attached to East And West for almost 11 years now and believe me each time I go to the class I learn something new from our beloved pulee sir. He is a true teacher because he does not only explains the concepts. He makes us understand every concept. He brings the inner musician in me out in the open and makes me not only play guitar but also enjoy what I play. Sir you are going to go places. And I am with you."
Nikhil Kharade (India)
"Mr.Narendra Pulee Sir is enthusiastic, friendly and clearly a talented musician! He takes the time to listen to the music you're into and construct lessons around music you like. The lessons are always fun, well structured and the time and effort he puts into planning these is obvious..pulee Sir is the most down to earth and passionate person I have ever met in Nashik . Inspite of being an such a Great Guitar teacher he is still that same humble person who only had dreams of Guitar in his eyes. I'm truly blessed to be his student."
Sanket R. Bardiya (India)
"The very first institute i got insisted when i wanted to learn guitar , and chosing it turned out to be the best decision for me. Pulee sir introduced guitar to me in such a way that music just got simplified to pursue. It has been 6 years now being a part of the East and West Music institute . Earlier East and West music institute was a guitar gurukul which focused only on the Guitar , but from years it has been transormed to THE EAST AND WEST MUSIC INSTITUTE , which focuses in the training of every instrument including drums , violin , piano , ukulele , etc which are taught by the specialised staff in respective fields. Thank you Pulee sir for creating a reason to learn music."
Gaurav Pardeshi (India)
"I've been a student of East and West Music Institute since 3 years now. And I just would say that it's the best music institute for everyone who are passionate about music. Here you learn the composition rather than just songs to play. Without a doubt, I would say that Pulee sir is the Best music teacher and a great mentor. When it comes to the playing techniques and musical knowledge, the lessons given here are diverse which would covers all important aspects (i.e from reading sheet music to being able to play the same) for a musician, not to mention Sir's easy to understand and easy to learn techniques and exercises which makes learning music much more fun for all."
Yadnesh Mulay (India)