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Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words.

Inspired By Passion
“Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.”
Jimi Hendrix

Guitar Lessons
For All Level


Basic Rock Guitar Course

This course puts you up a mode with full potential where you experience The Thrill of Rock Guitarist


Regular Course for Guitars

It covers all basic concepts Reading Music, Chords, Scales, Groupings, Finger Fluency Exercises and all


Rhythm Guitar Course

In this level of course make yourself ‘One Man Band’ playing your favorite numbers strumming the Guitar

Relaxed & Friendly

We Teach Basics Of All The Genres







Narendra Pulee Sir
Narendra Pulee
Relaxed & Friendly

Music Institute For All Ages & Level

A Music Teacher is A Psychologist who analyses Learning Ability of every students and takes out the best using his Skills and Experience.

We understand that your main purpose of music learning is ‘Fun And Relaxation’ and WE SERVE IT.

Lessons Based On

Ear Training (Melodic)

Ear Training (Rhythmic)

Finger Fluency (Speed Mechanics And Strengthening)

Fingerboard Knowledge

Musical Literacy

Improvisation And Song Writing

Music Appreciation

Techniques And Ornaments

Practice Methods

Music Theory

Gig Setup And Management


What Our Students Say About Us

"The best part about Pulee sir and east and west academy is that it's not like a commercial class. Pulee sir is a benchmark of a perfect Guru. He don't just gives the best music lessons but he also focuses on making his student a perfect artist. The vibe that east and west academy holds is full of passion and warmth. You will love Pulee sir's generous and kind heart and with his unique way of teaching he will bring out the best in you. With no doubts you'll love this new version of yourself at the end of your lessons."
Monica Chawla (India)
"Our beloved Pulee Sir has his unique techniques for each & every lesson. No need to remember any certain formula/method, its like gaming for us while Sir explain us new methods."
Sumit Deshpande (India)
"Pulee sir is very exited towards Music. He loves to Teach Music and it is his passion. He is having Over 30+ years experience of teaching Music and has Musicated Thousands. Learning music through pulee sir's Methods is Fastest and easiest even for the student who has non musical baground. Learning music is all about developing the musical sense and Pulee sir is the best for it."
Vishal Morwal (Oman)
"What I love about the east and west music academy is the fact that there are people from all ages ranging from 3 to 60, maybe older. It's never too late to learn something one is passionate about! I'm glad that there is discipline and structure, which I believe is needed to give you that push. A good teacher makes you love any subject..and The east and west music academy is all about a good teacher."
Pritesh Chaudhary (India)

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